All About Hot Tub And The Home Spa Enjoyment Plus Safety

Hot tub and residential spas are often a fertile tract for bacteria and disease-causing organisms. this is often generally thanks to the nice and cozy , moist environment of the recent tub. it’s not uncommon for Legionella bacteria to be found during a bathtub that’s not properly cared for. This is often a really dangerous sort of bacteria which will cause Legionnaires disease, also as pneumonia and eye/ear infections. With the right hot tub care and maintenance, the potential of becoming ill from your hot tub are greatly reduced.

Disinfection is that the key to preventing the expansion of bacteria in your bathtub . While many hot tubs and spa come equipped with UV light systems and ozone treatments, these are not any substitute for the utilization of chemicals. The disinfectant level in your bathtub or spa should be no less than 3ppm for chlorine, and 4.5ppm for bromine. the perfect pH level for your tub is somewhere between 7.2 and 7.6.

The disinfectant level in your hot tub should be checked before and after each use. Most bathtub and spa dealers sell testing kits that ought to be used regularly. a method to attenuate the quantity of bacteria in your tub is to form sure that you simply and your guests shower before entering the recent hot tub. The quantity of usage is another factor to be mindful of. A bathtub that’s rarely used goes to need fewer chemicals than a bathtub that’s used daily.

You should also drain your hot tub monthly approximately , and clean it thoroughly with a bleach solution. Filtration and pumping systems should even be cleaned regularly. By following these safety and hygiene tips, you ought to be ready to enjoy your bathtub for several years to return . If you’ve got any questions or concerns about your bathtub safety status, contact your local hot tub dealer or manufacturer.

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