Forbidden Food and Beverage for a Healthy Diet

There is a lot of debate about the types of intake that are healthy and which are not. In the following list, there are several types of intake which in general must be avoided. For those of you who want to lose weight and prevent various chronic diseases, these foods and abstinence drinks should be immediately removed from the daily menu. As a subtitute, you can use leptoconnect.

As a popular food in the world, pizza turns out to be unhealthy food. Besides being too high in calories, ingredients used such as sausages, tend to be not good for health. If you really like pizza, you can make it yourself, which is healthy and gluten-free. In fact, now there are pizza recipes using cauliflower, without flour, which are still delicious.

Bread is not good for people who suffer from celiac disease. The majority of the breads that you meet on the market contain processed wheat which has low nutritional content. Therefore, replace your bread with whole wheat, to make it healthier.

Fries and Chips
When it has gone through various processes such as frying, roasting, and burning, then this product is no longer healthy. Besides being high in calories, these two popular snacks are often associated with an increased risk of cancer.

Although often considered a healthier substitute for butter, margarine turns out to be a food that must be avoided. Because margarine is processed from hydrogenated vegetable oil, which makes saturated fats even higher.

Pastry and Pastries
Almost all types of pastry, including unhealthy foods, because they contain sugar, flour, and added saturated fat. There are no health benefits that you can really get from cakes, except for the high calories.

Low-Calorie Food Junk
Low-calorie junk food is very popular these days, because it is considered healthier. In general, these foods contain only a few nutrients and more synthetic ingredients are mixed, and are very unhealthy.

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