It’s About Portable AC And Other AC Types

Portable air conditioners are more compact and practical air conditioners. Usually used by placing it on the floor in a strategic place. The existence of the wheels at the bottom, and the hinged body swivel, making it able to spread cold air throughout the room. Portable air conditioners are often used for small rooms, though it cannot be denied that someone uses them in a large room. No wonder this device is popular among boarding students. If you’re looking for one of the best portable ACs, we suggest you check out blaux portable ac.

Differences in AC Types

Air Conditioner (AC) or air conditioner is divided into three types. Commonly used patent air conditioners, portable air conditioners, and standing ACs. As already mentioned, the first type is often used in homes and buildings. Divided into three models, such as the window (old model), split (a new model that is increasingly popular), and central that is used in buildings such as malls and offices.

Portable air conditioners are discussed in this article. The form is concise, practical to use, and also flexible when operating. Although the power is not as big as the patent AC, there are still some people who use this type based on needs. While the standing model has a shape similar to a portable but taller about 2 meters. Usually used in large halls for important events.

PK Power and Electricity Consumption

AC chill level and blowing strength are calculated based on PK units. The greater the PK, the cooler, and the stronger the AC power. Most PK is 1/2 size and the biggest is 2 1/2 PK.

Between the two there is still an increase in each PK value of 1/2. On the other hand, the higher the PK, the higher the electrical power consumption. For that, it is necessary to adjust the area of the room with the strength of PK AC used.

AC size

There needs to be an adjustment in the area of the room with the size of the air conditioner. Choose the right size without making a narrow room. The size is also in line with the PK, the smaller the size, the PK is also small, and vice versa.

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