You Must Know This Before Cleaning Objects With High-Pressure Cleaner Machine

After you know how to operate the HPC properly and correctly, then you must also know what can be cleaned with this HPC machine. Because not all workpieces can be cleaned because it is feared that the water pressure will damage them, such as spraying on electronics, pianos, and items that are susceptible to pressure. That’s why some people tend to avoid such risks by hiring the power washing Lexington SC.

Some objects can be cleaned with this HPC machine, such as:


In the objects that we have mentioned above, several objects require soap as an option to clean these objects so that you get maximum results. But how to install a soap tube when operating the HPC is not arbitrary, because it still requires some correct instructions so that later you won’t go wrong using the HPC machine with this soap tube. Some of the things you need to pay attention to when installing a soap tube on an HPC machine are as follows:

When installing the soap tube, the HPC machine must be OFF.

Remove the Spray Lance from the Gun kit.

After removing it, attach the ledding tube to the soap tube with a gun kit through the provided connection by locking the Bayonet Coupling system.

Make a detergent mixed with clean water as desired.

Remove the soap tube to the “Lance ledding tube”.

Enter the detergent mixture that has been put into the soap tube.

Put the soap tube back in the “Lance ledding tube”.

For the soap tank that integrates with the machine body cover, the method is only to enter the detergent mixture into the machine soap tube, but you have to set the spray pressure to “Low Pressure”.

After you know about how to operate the HPC properly and correctly, we hope you can apply it to your HPC machine before you use it, so that later your HPC machine becomes more durable to use.