Employees Need To Realize These Benefits Of IT For Office Activities

After the development of information technology applied to telecommunications, mail delivery, especially long-distance mail delivery, was carried out by electronic aircraft, hence the name Electronic Mail. The main characteristic of electronic mail is the transmission of information from one place to another or from one person to another using electronic methods of capturing, transmitting, and conveying information. Because the information is conveyed visually, the original text does not need to be sent. The electronic post includes telex, facsimile, and communication between computers. Aside from that, if your company faces IT problems often, we recommend you hire the best IT Consulting Company read more.

In addition to correspondence facilities, microcomputers are very helpful in the implementation of document filing/filing work. Archive which was originally a pile of paper and stored in the archive building, now files can be stored on floppy disks, CDs, flash drives. Thus archival storage has now shifted to storage and maintenance which takes up much less space than a paper archive warehouse.

Other advantages of developing IT in offices are:

– Encourage learning new skills.
– Tedious jobs can be transferred to machines.
– Make it easier and faster to handle information.
– It is easier and faster to fix mistakes.
– Increased opportunities in the fields of electronic equipment maintenance, programming, and software engineering.
– Opportunity to shorten working days every week.
– Less work